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99ONE exists to expose God’s love to sex workers in Central New York. We have built relationships with 8 strip clubs in the Syracuse area. Every 4 weeks or so, we bring gifts of love (aka ‘love bombs’) to the dancers (also owners and bouncers). Our intention is not to judge the people we encounter; we are simply reaching out in God’s love, no strings attached. Our purpose is to let our friends know that there is a God who loves them desperately and deeply. We hang out with these incredible ladies. We pray with them and for them. 


99ONE Bible Study for dancers meets the first and third Mondays of every month. We hold a spring and a fall dancers retreat where we truly encounter God together. Our annual 99ONE Pool Party happens every July, too. We’re about creating opportunities for these real girls to connect to a real God in authentic & FUN ways! 


History: The unction began in November of 2014. Our first 99ONE adventure was in December of 2014. It’s been an amazing journey! Once a God-sized dream, now we are Network Endorsed local missionaries with the Assemblies of God and also a non-profit org. 


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Director of Operations

Annie Bullard

Annie is the cap-i-tan of this ship & she’s a literal trip (seriously, hilarious). Her faves include antiquing, dip powder nails, & cracker/cheese combos. She’s a passionate forgiver, grace giver, & triple-dog darer. She loves & leads like Jesus & is blown away daily at how radical God’s love is.

Prayer Coordinator

Bible Study Assist

Christine Fischer

Christine is an artist, teacher, & friend who loves to host parties & people at her home. Watch out though, because the sweet exterior is met with a super competitive side if you play against her in pretty much any game. Christine is joining #teamiPhone finally, so she can FaceTime with her new grandbaby! She’s been a prayer warrior for 99ONE since it all began & loves watching God show up with His extravagant love.

Events Coordinator

Nicole Mastronardi

Nicole is an avid crafter & loves catching coffee or grabbing a bite to eat at new & fun spots. If you need local reccs, she’s your girl! Nicole is outgoing, kind-hearted, & loves to connect with people. She doesn’t always proof her voice-to-texts though, & it’s proven to create an awkward situation or two… Nicole has been a supporter of 99ONE for years, is thankful for the relationships she's built, & lets love guide her to live out grace. 

Creative Assistant

Fran Provencher

Fran is definitely a Jill of all trades. She’s ready for anything, assists in all the creative things, & has a secret stock of about a million different craft papers to prove it. She’s a detail kinda gal- just check out her perfectly alphabetized spice rack if you need proof! She loves that God made a way for her to assist 99ONE in a way that is so “her”. 

Outreach Intercessor

Bible Study Assist

Mary Houghton

Mary is definitely the kind of person you just want to be around. She's joyful & kind, and an all-in kind of girl- that's totally a benefit to any team. Little known facts: she can speak in Old English, (Canterbury Tales, anyone?), is a hot stone pedicure fan, & she's all about Candy Crush. With Jesus as her inspiration, Mary's life is marked & changed by prayer & praying for the needs of 99ONE is a "get-to" for her!

The Resource Queen

Bible Study Assist

Abbey Goldberg

Abbey has such a cool vibe, from her outfits to her bold nail colors, to her collection of oversized sunglasses. She likes to think she’s her parents’ favorite child… fact check pending. Abbey loves that Jesus was all about the underdog & finds herself fighting against injustice, personally & professionally. She knows it’s always worth it to invest in what you believe in. Jesus + 99ONE = absolute no brainer for her! 

Bible Study Assist

Marissa Cutrone

Having trouble reaching Marissa? It’s probably because she’s at the beach . . . or a Jonas Brothers concert. It's true. She's a sucker for you--er, them (see what we did there?). This beach-loving babe is genuine, funny, and whether she’s at work or on the ministry frontlines, the girl believes people just want to be heard and loved. She also believes there are few things a pumpkin spiced latte can’t solve (TRUTH!). Always up for a good run, Marissa’s pretty darn grateful for one thing: there’s no chance of her ever outrunning God’s love and grace.

Outreach Coordinator

Corry Toben

Corry doesn’t believe it’s even a question between Starbucks & Dunkin’. She’s a cascara cold brew kinda girl & throws a mean GIF in text convos (#teamiPhone). So typical: she’s the perfect combination of lover & fighter. You’d be surprised that she’s the only chick on the planet that actually likes to watch golf on TV, too. Corry is a 99ONE OG & the friends she’s made in the clubs over the past 5 years love & accept her without question- just like Jesus does.

Front Lines Adventurer

Bible Study Assist

Mariah Thomson

Mariah brings joy & life to anything she’s involved with. Bet you didn’t know that she’s extremely talented at clucking loudly- no, that is not a joke. She enjoys cherry jolly ranchers, Stranger Things, & traveling. She’s a loud laugher & truth teller- especially when she prays. We’ve seen Mariah step further into her calling through the ministry of 99ONE & she loves fiercely, no matter what. 

Graphics Queen

Laura Celuch

Laura is our resident photo guru & you can always catch her enveloped in a new insect or bird that’s frequenting her yard. She’s so creative, super smart, & loves to use her gifts to encourage & support other people. Laura is inspired by Jesus’ unconditional love & is thankful that through 99ONE, she can share it via her passions. 

Front Lines Adventurer

Love Bomb Assist

Lisa Whittaker

Lisa is a rescuer of pets, plants, & people! Because of the grace of God & becoming involved in the ministry of 99ONE, Lisa has found tremendous personal healing & hope & wants to carry that torch on to others. She’s now great at making lemonade out of life’s toughest moments. Lisa’s Lemonade Stand may be open for business in the near future… stay tuned! 

Outreach Intercessor

Michelle Foti

Michelle is the queen of problem solving & that can be seen in her love of number crunching & super hard jigsaw puzzles (she’s been working on one for over 4 months now!) She’s great at seeing things in black & white with room for graCE, not gray. So much so that those are the colors that comprise 95% of her wardrobe. Michelle is a firm believer in Sunday dinners, glamping, powerful prayer, & knowing the victory is ours in all things because of Jesus! 

Bible Study Assist

Lauren Croad

RELAX is Lauren’s middle name. Or at least it should be. Give her a good book or movie, her husband and dog, and some quality time with friends or her craft-stash, and she’s one happy chick (give her a super cute fall outfit, a pumpkin patch, and apple cider for the same result). Loyal, and helpful with a capital H, Lauren takes her cues from Jesus, the most loyal friend of all. His unconditional willingness to forgive whatever we may have done regularly blows her mind.

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